Cryo Body Sculpting Treatment

Bellevue, WA

Fat Freezing for FAST & Permanent Fat Reduction

Do you have stubborn body fat you cannot get rid of? Have you tried diets and exercise and still do not get the results you want? Are you looking for a safe, noninvasive way to achieve your desired results? 

We all have those areas that drive us crazy but do you know of the new procedure that can give you the results you want?! 

Say Goodbye to Those Trouble Area Fat Cells Forever!

Cryo Body Sculpting is an affordable, noninvasive, fat removal treatment that is done topically on the skin. This low risk procedure works by freezing the fat cells which kills them, and you eliminate them through your lymphatic system (your urine). This new effective treatment removes the fat permanently, leaving you with amazing results!

What is


A cryo treatment can help melt fat, tighten skin, reduce cellulite, improve blood flow, and seem to slow down time. Your friends will be asking you for your secret – it’s cryo body sculpting (also known as body sculpting or body contouring)!


Your Body

Love to get compliments from your clothes fitting better? Can’t wait for the day you can finally wear those jeans again?

Cryo Body Sculpting is the ultimate treatment for getting that lean and sexy body back. It’s time to regain confidence! Rest easy in our comfy, private rooms while we tackle these fat pockets and wrinkles with science. You crave that new look – it’s time learn about Cryo Body Sculpting!

Cryo Sculpting will destroy unwanted fat cells, eliminate cellulite and increase collagen production. Using the very latest in weight loss technology in the world (pioneered in Italy), this is the ultimate in anti-aging and body toning treatment.



Every woman knows that time is no friend to our skin – especially after a few kids. Time is precious, and at Eastside we don’t like to waste time.

With our Cryo Body Sculpting you can experience the slimming and toning that can roll years off the clock, make him really notice, and STILL be in and out the spa within about an hour!



Think those abs you see on TV and with the Instagram influencers these day are all from the workouts? Think again! Many celebrities and mega-influencers are now endorsing cryotherapy, and more everyday!

Through improved recovery times, reduced wrinkles, cellulite reduction and calorie burning, we are the catalyst for achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

Slimming And Body Toning

If you’re looking to remove cellulite or slow down the aging process this toning treatment is for you. Treatment will help improve your micro-circulation and speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen production. The slimming treatment consists of a 3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells. Whether you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you.

Cryo Anti Aging Facial

If you’re looking for a non invasive face lift then look no further. This 10 minute cold therapy treatment will increase micro-circulation to the area diminishing fine lines, boosting collagen and tightening skin. We can’t stop the aging process but we can stimulate major collagen production, lift the face, and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Ask us about pairing your Facials with our PCA® skin care line,

double chin

Double Chin Treatment

If you’re looking for a non invasive Treatment to get rid of that stubborn jowl or under the chin area, this 15 minute combination of hot & cold therapy will increase micro-circulation to the area boosting collagen and tightening skin. We can’t stop the aging process but we can speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen production. This particular Treatment Package will help naturally destroy those fat cell deposits which in turn makes your neck and face look thinner and tighter.

Brazilian Butt Lift

You have the option of French or American Style *We do not offer less than 10 Treatments for this package

Cellulite Removal Treatment

This Treatment will DRASTICALLY reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking up and destroying the fat deposits that create cellulite.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

This option is for someone who wants more than 20 total Treatments, and wants to do their whole body at a HUGE discount

Breast Lift

*We do not offer less than 10 Treatments for this package

What Our Clients Say

Clients Reviews


Cryo Body Slimming does not need to be performed in a doctors office. This is not a procedure you need done by a plastic surgeon either! This treatment can be performed in a medi spa or salon!

We use the Pagani T-Shock Cryo Therapy Machine which is extremely popular in Europe, and just making its way into the U.S.! We are one of the only salons to have this machine in the states, but predict we will be seeing a lot more of them over the next few years. This sought after machine is the most highly rated fat removal device in the industry. Not only does it remove fat cells permanently, it gives the most seamless results and clients could not be happier! 

When scheduling our clients for their Cryo Session the time per session varies based on body part. Your appointment can go anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Most of our clients say it is very comfortable and like a cold massage!

This Cryo Slimming treatment has shown much better results than Coolsculpting. We see more of our clients achieving their goals faster and saving money by choosing Cryo over the Coolsculpting treatment. This is also a great alternative to plastic surgery, Kybella, or B—-x. These other treatments are much more high risk, more expensive, and more invasive! Cryo is one of the only treatments on the market that can remove fat while also tightening the skin! 

We have clients who have tried Coolsculpting prior to Cryo and are so excited because they are seeing much better results a lot quicker!

This procedure has very mild side effects, if any! During your fat removal treatment you may experience skin sensitivities, bruising which is rare, temporary redness, or slight discomfort. If you do have any of these side effects, they are temporary and will return to normal shortly after your treatment. Clients with Cold Agglutinin Disease may have a hard time with this treatment due to the extreme temperatures. 

Cryo Fat Slimming has a short recovery window giving clients the opportunity to reach their goals in just a few months! If you are receiving Cryo Sculpting Treatments and are not losing weight or inches you may have an underlying health problem and should consult with a doctor right away.

Our most popular treatment is double chin and abdomen, but we also offer treatments for your arms, back, legs, cellulite, and a frotox facial! 

This Body Sculpting Treatment will eliminate inches and may result inweight loss from your body shedding the dead fat cells, but this is not considered a weight loss treatment. 

During your appointment you will have a consultation with our Cryo Tech who will examine the body part and determine how many sessions you may need. We usually recommend 5 sessions per body part to achieve the desired goal but this can vary based on person and body part. We schedule these sessions 2 weeks apart. 

Along with our regular cryo sessions, we also offer Cellulite treatments which work great on hard fat which is the most difficult to remove or get rid of! So many of our clients are blown away by the results they are seeing! 

When we freeze the fat cells your body sends them into your lymphatic system which then drains them through your urine, eliminating them permanently!

The T Shock Cryo Machine was created in Europe in 2014 and has been making a name for itself ever since! This fat reduction method is slowly taking over the market, providing the best results at a relatively-affordable cost. This fat removal procedure not only permanently removes your fat but tightens your skin at the same time giving you two treatments at once! While the extreme cold temperature kills your fat cells, the heating setting tightens your skin and promotes collagen, helping clients achieve the best result possible!

Here at Eastside Microblading our Cryoskin Techs receive thorough training making them body and lymphatic experts! All of our staff is board certified and highly trained making 

At Eastside Microblading Studio we offer 5 star customer service in every aspect of our business. All of our staff is board certified and highly trained to make sure you have an amazing experience from the moment you reach out. Our Cryoskin Techs specialize in body work and the lymphatic system making them experts on the Cryo fat freezing process.