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Become A Certified Beauty Angel With Our Mentorship-Based Microblading Training

Do you want to become a top recognized microblading artist?? In the microblading & permanent makeup industry, Beauty Angel certified artists are those who have been trained and certified through the Beauty Angels curriculum and have achieved a high standard of work through direct coaching with your trainer.

Amanda Breuer, Grand Master Trainer for Beauty Angels Academy, takes a more intensive approach to basic training with her students. Instead of most programs that have you attend a 2-4 day class, then send you on your own, Amanda personally coaches you through a 6 month program to help you achieve beautiful, top-quality microblading work and confidence.

Amanda has personally trained & mentored over 500 students worldwide, many of which have achieved 6-figure incomes in the industry with successful, thriving salons.

But First, What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a cutting-edge form of semi-permanent makeup that attempts to enhance your brows. A trained and certified microblading artist uses a hand tool with a tiny needle grouping to draw individual hairs, giving the appearance of full and flawlessly shaped beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading lasts for around one to three years, depending on how fast your eyebrows grow back. 

So, Want To Become An Angel?

The Beauty Angels Academy was founded by some of the most experienced microblading master trainers in the world. It has developed a renowned method for performing microblading that is carried out effectively by its trained experts. Beauty Angels artists employ advanced methods and equipment and high-quality products to enhance their work.

Eastside Microblading & Beauty offers microblading training courses so that you become a thriving, confident microblading artist in your first year. Grand Master Amanda Breuer will teach you the best techniques using the top-rated Beauty Angel Academy curriculum to deliver beauty and excellence to customers.

Want to change lives and help people be beautiful? Give your clients the set of eyebrows they always dreamed of.

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