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Professional Permanent Makeup Center in Bellevue, WA

Are you tired of having to constantly touch up your makeup every day? You can get rid of this issue for good if you opt for permanent makeup. It’s the perfect way to always have your game face on, whether you’ve just rolled out of bed or you’ve gone two days in a row without sleep.

At Eastside Microblading & Beauty in Bellevue, Grand Master Permanent Makeup Artist & Educator, Amanda helps you get natural but effective permanent makeup. You’ll look as fabulous on your worst day as your best day and focus on other activities instead of constantly checking your makeup.

Feel Confident & Safe Time With Permanent Makeup!

Imagine waking up and realizing your makeup routine is now only 5 minutes to be done, or avoiding the rush in the car while driving to be ready and look fresh at work or with friends. At Eastside Microblading & Beauty, we provide permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, and more.

How Permanent Makeup Works? 

The procedure is comparable to getting a tattoo without the pain and using natural pigments. Still, the goal is to recreate your favorite made-up look and enhance the color and shape of your facial features.

Once the procedure is done, expect your lips or eyebrows to be slightly puffy or your lash line to be a little red for a couple of days. At first, the color will be a little strong but will blend to the desired shade as your epidermis forms a new layer. Healing should be complete in one to two weeks.

We Have Qualified Cosmetic Experts in Bellevue

To assure you have the best experience, our trained and experienced experts like Amanda, owner, a permanent international makeup teacher and educator, serving on the board of directors of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), among other estheticians, are specially trained to work with you to determine the best look for your eyelashes, lips or eyebrows.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time With Permanent Makeup

Stop spending an extraordinary amount of time applying your makeup every day. At Eastside Microblading & Beauty in Bellevue, we turn 30 minutes of your time into five or less. If you’re interested in getting permanent makeup, contact us to schedule an appointment and evaluate your desired look.