Bellevue is one of the largest suburbs of Seattle, Washington. It is the fifth largest city in the state. It is located on the eastern coast of Lake Washington, and is part of the Puget Sound region. Known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational activities and scenic views of the Olympic Mountains, Bellevue is a great place to live.


It is also an excellent city to visit. The area is filled with dozens of attractions. For example, Bellevue has several festivals, including the Bellwether arts festival, which attracts artists from across the country. The city also has a variety of parks. The city has over 2700 acres of public parks. There are over 800 miles of hiking trails in the city. In addition, the Bellevue Botanical Garden, which covers 53 acres, features cultivated gardens, wetlands and nature classes.


Bellevue is home to several technology companies, as well as the headquarters of Amazon. The city is a major center of trade in the state. It is also a popular bedroom community for those working in Seattle. In fact, the Bellevue-Seattle metropolitan area is home to the third largest number of foreign embassies.


Bellevue offers a variety of transportation options. It is home to a major airport, as well as many bus routes. It is also accessible by I-90. In addition, a ferry service connects the city to Medina. In the past, Bellevue was a logging camp, but has grown into a bustling suburban city. It was originally named “Bellevue,” which means beautiful view in French. It was incorporated in 1953. webpage


In addition to Bellevue’s attractions, the city is also home to a large shopping district. The Bellevue Square Mall, located in the heart of the city, is a shopping and entertainment complex. The area also includes the Microsoft Store, which is the largest in the state. The Bellevue Collection is a dense concentration of dining, shopping and overnight accommodations.


Bellevue is one of the most diverse cities in the state. Its population is equally divided between people of color and non-Hispanic whites. In addition, its violent crime rate is 70% lower than the national average. The city offers a high quality of life and many parks, which contribute to its popularity.


Bellevue is located in King County. In addition, the city is just south of Interstate 90. It is also near Lake Washington and the North Cascades. It has an estimated population of 145,300. The downtown district of the city stretches across 410 acres. In addition, it has 4.5 million square feet of retail space and over 55,000 employees.


The city offers several attractions, such as the Bellevue Zip Tour, which is a series of 6.5 ziplines. In addition, there are many parks, such as the Bellevue Downtown Park, which is the city’s main recreation facility. This park has a 240-foot waterfall and other features. There is also the KidsQuest Children’s Museum and the Bellevue Arts Museum. Discover More Here


If you are interested in living in Bellevue, you will be happy to know that its crime rate is low. The city is safe to walk around and the downtown skyline of buildings is very attractive. In addition, Bellevue has a very low vacancy rate.


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