Bellevue, Washington, is a large and growing metropolitan city. It is located in King County and is across the lake from Seattle. It is a very popular place to live, thanks to its upscale appeal, mild climate, and high quality of life. With excellent schools and a large number of public and private parks, the city is a popular destination for young professionals and families.


Bellevue has a population of 146,145. The area is home to a diverse mix of people. Most of its residents own homes. It also has a very low crime rate, which is 70 percent lower than the national average. There are more than 50 languages spoken in the city’s schools. It is considered one of the best places to live in the state.


The Bellevue area has long been a farming center. The area was also an important inland port. After the turn of the century, it became an auto commuter hub. In 1953, the city of Bellevue was incorporated. In the 1940s, the Strawberry Festival was held in Bellevue. This event attracted many new residents. The Bellevue Square was opened in 1946, causing unprecedented business growth.


Since then, Bellevue has become a major hub for tech companies. Amazon has a big presence in the area. The company has over 20,000 employees. Another big player is Apptio. Both companies have been influential in the development of the city. Read Full Article


Bellevue is located near many scenic attractions, including the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainer. The city is also close to the North Cascades National Park. If you like water, you’ll be glad to know that Bellevue has a large lake and a river. You can go whale watching in the summer, or enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. You can also visit the Mercer Slough Nature Park. The park is a 320-acre wetland.


The city’s name is derived from the French word for a beautiful view. In the 1930s, Bellevue’s economy was centered on farming. This was the city’s most productive industry. The area’s economy was also affected by World War II. A few Japanese farmers were forced into internment camps. However, 11 families returned to Bellevue. The anti-alien legislation forced some of them to sell their land.


Today, the city offers plenty of shopping, entertainment, and dining options. It has several shopping centers, theaters, and restaurants. It also has a great library system that is award-winning. The Bellevue Arts Museum and KidsQuest Children’s Museum are also located in the city. You can also visit the local farms for fresh produce. The city also has a number of coffee shops and local camping areas. You can even check out the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

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With its location, Bellevue offers easy access to I-90. It is located 15 minutes from Seattle. The weather is pleasant in the summer, and the snow falls on an average of five inches a year. The winter months can get a bit cold, but the area rarely freezes.


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