Bellevue is located in King County and is part of the greater Seattle area. It is considered one of the best places to live in Washington. It is an up and coming metropolitan community that offers a unique mix of high rises and nature. It is an ideal place to raise a family. There are plenty of schools, parks, and activities. The downtown area offers shopping and restaurants. The downtown area also has a low vacancy rate.

Bellevue is a diverse city that attracts people of all ages and ethnicities. It was originally a farming community before World War II. During the war, local Japanese were interned. This led to the loss of many farmers. After the war, Bellevue became an auto commuter hub. It was once home to an airfield. It was connected to Seattle by ferry boat.

Today, Bellevue is an up and coming metropolis that boasts a lively culture and an eclectic food scene. It is the home of the annual Crossroads Cultural Festival. It also has several top rated schools. The city is a favorite for outdoor festivals and activities.

Bellevue offers some of the best beaches in the area. The scenic waterfront overlooks Lake Washington. The beach is great for swimming and kayaking. It also provides a great view of the Seattle skyline. It also offers camping sites. The Bellevue Botanical Gardens is nearby. There are also miles of hiking trails and wetlands to explore.

The Bellevue area has been home to Coast Salish tribes for many years. The first postmaster in the Bellevue area was Mathew S. Sharpe, who moved from Bellevue, Indiana, to the area. He chose the name Bellevue because of the beautiful vistas from his home. The city was first incorporated in 1953.

Bellevue was annexed by neighboring communities. This gave the city more room for growth. Its main industries were farming, logging, and milling. Bellevue has several blueberry farms, as well. It is a great launching point for Mount Rainier National Park.

Bellevue has a number of outdoor festivals. In the spring, the annual Strawberry Festival is held. This event used to draw people from all over the Pacific Northwest. This event sold produce, and it was often a destination for tourists.

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Bellevue is also home to the Bellevue Square Mall. This shopping center is home to the Microsoft Store. It also houses some of the top public high schools in the country. The area is also home to many other offices for companies like Facebook, Concur, and Salesforce. The area also is a home to many young professionals.

The Bellevue Downtown Park is another popular attraction. This public space is a great place to relax and enjoy the views. The area is also home to several art museums and dining options. It is also the location of the ice skating rink during winter. The Bellevue Downtown Association promotes a livable downtown area.

If you are looking to move to Bellevue, Washington, make sure to do your homework. You can find affordable, comfortable homes and apartments, and Bellevue has some of the best schools in the state.

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