The Bellevue Arts Museum, located in the heart of downtown Seattle, has a diverse array of exhibitions showcasing art, music, dance, and literature. The Bellevue Arts Museum is also home to the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, which is a multi-disciplinary program dedicated to the exploration of the region’s history and cultural traditions. The center offers classes, lectures, performances, and programs on a variety of topics, including Native American, Pacific Rim, and Asian Pacific Islander history and cultures. Call your friends and family to explore the museum at 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.  The museum is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm and Saturday, 11am to 5:30pm. The museum also features a large collection of historical documents, artifacts, and photographs.

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The Bellevue Arts Museum is home to a plethora of innovative exhibits. In addition to the standard fare, the CIA has a dedicated art installation space where local artists showcase their works of art. The museum is also one of the few cultural institutions in the greater Seattle area that hosts an annual “Celebrate Asia” event where the best in Asian music, dance and theater are on display. This year, the program features a special three-continents cello concert, a Mendelssohn concert with Tianyi Lu as conductor, and a Carmina Burana show featuring the Seattle Symphony.


The Museum also has an exhibit that combines technology and art in a very unconventional way: the “Cube Chapel,” an augmented-reality installation that makes you feel like you’re walking through a stained glass window, but which isn’t. It is a multi-media installation with a dazzling color scheme and a unique experience depending on the time of day. Located just before Pioneer Square, the museum is a great place to explore the culture of the Emerald City. Its location allows visitors to get a taste of the city without stepping out of their comfort zone. 


The museum’s website features a full calendar of upcoming exhibits and performances. Among the most popular programs are the aforementioned “Celebrate Asia” and the monthly First Thursday receptions. The museum also offers a wide range of free programs for children, including art lessons and a family friendly film series. The museum is always happy to host community members, and provides an excellent example of how an art museum can be a community hub.


In addition to the many art shows and exhibitions that the museum has to offer, the CIA has a small but well-curated art installation space that showcases local artists. Among the exhibits on display are the “Cube Chapel” by Soo Hong, a snazzy looking augmented reality experience, a multimedia display by the Japanese-American artist Wakaji Matsumoto, and the “Crossroads: Exploring the Silk Road” by Elizabeth Gill Lui. Aside from the actual show, the CIA also hosts a monthly series of lectures on Asian Pacific Islander history and culture. In the event that the CIA does not have a lecture, they often feature an art-making demonstration. During the “Cube Chapel” demonstration, visitors can make their own mini-installation.


The CIA has also featured several special events and activities in recent years. Among these are the “Celebrate Asia” special programs and concerts, which celebrate Asian Pacific Islander cultures and histories. They also have a number of symphonies, including Carmina Burana, three Continents Cello Concert, and Mendelssohn with Tianyi Lu conducting. In addition to the regular programming, the CIA also hosts a special holiday party that includes a live performance by acoustic guitarist Tomo Nakayama. 

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