The Seattle NFT Museum opened earlier this year. Located in the Belltown neighborhood, the NFT Museum is a nascent art exhibit that features digital art and works from the Elliot Family Collections. The exhibit is part of the museum’s partnership with the Seattle Art Fair. It is located at 2125 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121.


This exhibition traces the development of female artists from the late 19th century to today. The show recontextualizes the place of women in modernist canons. It also illustrates the need to break down crude binary discrimination. The show is based on a Paris exhibit a few years ago. The NFT Museum will host events during the week of the Seattle Art Fair. These events will help educate NFT curious on the works in the exhibit.


Another concurrent exhibition is Elles: Women Artists. This exhibit will be on display at the Seattle Art Museum and Centre Pompidou in Paris. It will highlight the 100 year evolution of female art and its importance in the modernist canon.


Among the exhibit’s highlights are the works of Alberto Giacometti. This is the first time that the body of Giacometti’s work is being exhibited in Seattle. This is a huge deal.


Aside from the exhibit, the RailSpur building is getting the Forest For The Trees treatment. The 70,000 square foot building will be converted into an arts venue featuring independent exhibits and a block party. It will be open from noon to 9 PM during the SAF. It will also feature a beer garden.


New Mystics are a group of pseudonymous artists. They include Specs Wizard, Aubrey Birdwell, Dan Hawkins, Kyle Johnson, Hope, No Touching Ground, DK Pan, Anna Telcs, and others. read what he said. They encourage participants to document their travels around the city on maps of graffiti and street art. Their work is politically conscious, socially relevant, and encourages a kind of urban exploration. The program is loosely related to the Northwest Mystics of the 1940s.


The Friday Foundation is a philanthropic group that donates money to the arts. Their mission is to help the art community in the Pacific Northwest. The group has donated art to the Seattle Art Museum, Ballard Tractor Tavern, and other venues. They are also the benefactors of the NFT Museum.


Hollaback To The Future is a group exhibition curated by Moses Sun. It is a collection of works by artists from across the globe. The artists range from Ghana to LA. These visions of speculative future worlds are based on Black history. The work in this exhibit is a mix of expertly rendered figurative paintings and 3-D video. It is a must-see.


One of the more unique pieces in the gallery is a giant enlargement of a j-card from a cassette mixtape. This iconic piece was originally painted in Haven’s studio. It was then installed at SAM. The artist explains that her artwork reflects her desire to be touched.


The NFT Museum is the first of its kind. The Seattle Art Museum will host more than 30 high-quality screens for the exhibit.

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