The Renton History Museum is a non-profit organization that aims to document the history of this Washington state city. The museum is located at 235 Mill Ave S, Renton, WA 98057. The museum is housed in a former Art Deco fire station and has plenty of exhibits to go around. The building is located in historic downtown Renton, and is easily accessible via bike or bus. The museum is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday. There is also a small research library on site.


The history of the Renton community is a rich one and the museum has been preserving its heritage for the last two decades. The museum is a joint venture between the city of Renton and the Renton Historical Society. The museum is located in an Art Deco style fire station that was built in 1942. There are a number of permanent and changing exhibits to peruse, along with a small research library. The museum is the last remaining structure built under the Works Progress Administration. In addition to a number of interesting exhibits, the Renton museum has a fun World War I flight simulator.


The museum’s main objective is to educate and engage the public. To that end, the museum has a number of programs and activities to keep its members engaged, including the aforementioned monthly lecture series and a quarterly newsletter. The museum also hosts a number of special events. In addition, the library is stocked with a number of books and magazines related to the town’s past. The museum is also home to an impressive collection of ephemera, historical photographs, and artifacts relating to the city’s early days.


The museum’s most prominent exhibit, titled “The Big Picture: The Development of Renton”, traces the evolution of the town from its roots as a logging town to its present state as the ‘Crossroads of the Pacific Northwest’. The exhibit also features a number of enlightening pieces of lore. The display contains images of early logging activity, an image of a prehistoric oxen, and a surprisingly detailed rendering of the town’s early water system. In addition to this informative display, there is a plethora of other informational offerings available to visitors. from this source


The museum has a number of notable achievements, including the world’s largest ephemera collection, the most complete collection of historical documents, and a library boasting a number of notable books and journals. There are also many programs to choose from, including the popular History Club, which meets once a month. The museum is free to visit, and offers free parking. There are also several nearby dining options, including the city’s namesake, Liberty Park. The Renton History Museum also has a few small shops and restaurants on hand for your convenience.


There is much more to the Renton History Museum than its many exhibits, though. For instance, the museum has an impressive number of artifacts, including a number of unique items that date back to prehistoric times. Another awe-inspiring feat is that the museum boasts the largest archive of historical photographs and artifacts in the greater Renton area. This trove of treasures, in addition to its numerous other impressive finds, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff of the museum.


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