The Seattle Art Museum is located in the heart of downtown Seattle. It is one block from the Pike Place Market and one mile south of the Space Needle. The building has multiple levels, and its galleries focus on themes rather than chronology. The collection is diverse and includes works from artists such as Van Gogh, Rothko, Bierstadt, and O’Keeffe. You can visit the museum at 1300 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101.


The Seattle Art Museum is a worthwhile destination for both newcomers and seasoned art lovers. Visitors can explore the changing exhibitions that cover a wide range of themes. In addition, the permanent collection contains nearly 25,000 works of art. Many of the works in SAM’s collection were acquired legally or were donated by leading collectors. A number of works were also commissioned.


The Seattle Art Museum features a wide selection of American and Pacific Northwest artwork. In addition, the museum has a large collection of Asian art. In 2007, the museum expanded its campus to include Olympic Sculpture Park. The park is free to the public. A separate admission fee is charged for the museum. During the first Thursday of each month, admission to the museum is free for adults and seniors 65+.


In addition to the main building, the museum operates two other facilities: the Asian Art Museum and the SAM Gallery. In addition to hosting exhibitions, the SAM Gallery provides a venue for the sale and rental of art by local and regional artists. The SAM Gallery features a diverse collection of works, including hundreds of photographs and original pieces by Northwest artists.

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Seattle’s PONCHO group (Poncho is the native Hawaiian word for “change”) supports the museum. Their goal is to bring art into the community, create a welcoming environment, and promote local artists. In fact, they have recently partnered with the museum on an art exhibit. The exhibit is called The Responsive Eye. It is a collaboration between the museum, the Contemporary Art Council, and the Museum of Modern Art. The museum has also received an unprecedented gift from Katherine C. White.


The Pacific Northwest has a long history of indigenous cultures. These people have inhabited the area for at least 12,000 years. Their oral histories place them in the region since the beginning of time. The museum’s Native American galleries contain a remarkable collection of Pacific Northwest art. They include totem poles, masks, and other objects.


Located in the heart of downtown, the Seattle Art Museum puts art front and center. A number of exhibitions are curated in a thoughtful and timely manner. A recent retrospective featured the work of Mark Tobey. The museum has also contributed nearly 5,000 images to the Artstor Digital Library.

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The Seattle Art Museum is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guests can access a library, restaurant, and a shop that offers local art, children’s toys, and souvenirs. The Seattle Asian Art Museum charges $20 for adults and $13 for students.


The museum also has a satellite in Volunteer Park. The museum has a partnership with the Boeing Company to expand its collections. They have also acquired an unexpected gift of African art from Katherine C. White. These gifts reinforce the museum’s dedication to artistic excellence.


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